Pictures …Can fib…. But they can also understate. I’ll tell you which it is. I’ve never met an experienced Irisarian that didn’t have an issue with iris photography to one degree or another. “The flower looked so nice in the book, but when it finally bloomed for me it was ……..!!”

On one hand, irises refuse to cooperate when being photographed. They’d rather stand quietly in a field and be ignored. Therefore, it’s difficult for some and downright impossible for others to get a good, accurate iris picture. A picture taken under these circumstances would likely UNDERSTATE the true beauty of a particular iris…. And that’s a shame.

But on the other hand, some photos are like those of a Hollywood Glamour Queen….. very nice in print, but a considerable disappointment in person. Yes, I know that different growing conditions take their toll. But some photos seem to so OVERSTATE a flowers’ beauty that they border on outright fraud…. And that’s also a shame.

My solution is, to tell you in writing, how close the picture is to the real thing.